UX/UI Designer

High Fidelity Fusion

The Goal: To build a brand and a website for a social dance event

High Fidelity Fusion – User interviews, building navigation, creating style guide and visual design. Graphic design for multiple digital mediums, print, and merchandise. 

Tasked with creating an eye-popping branding package for High Fidelity Fusion that embraced Hi-Fi’s values and goals, building out a website on Squarespace, and assisting with the creation of merchandise. Images included large printed banners, sandwich boards, flyers, stickers, a Facebook frame, and more.


UX/UI designer

Sketch, Squarespace

Over 10 individual designs seen in physical form by over 500 people, digitally by countless!

View the website here: https://www.highfidelityfusion.com/

The Process:

Coming Soon!

The Facebook Frames:

The Banner:

Hi Fi Banner v4

Lonely Produce

Desktop Site

Interaction Designer

LA Fitness

Mobile App

Interaction and Visual Designer
Project Manager

Weird A.i.

Desktop Site

Lead UX Designer