User Journey Maps – Developing a process for and creating user journey maps to build a communication tool across the company.
Role: UX Researcher

Desktop and Mobile site – Design work scoping from paper sketches, building on Squarespace, and physical products.
Role: UX/UI Designer

Desktop Site – A website to house information for an upcoming dance festival. 
Role: UX Designer

Desktop Site – A tool for farmers to upload their fresh sheets and send them out.
Role: Interaction Designer

Mobile App – Designing a workout tracker for their mobile app.
Role: Interaction and Visual Designer
          Project Manager 

Desktop Site – Machine Learning program that generated  song lyrics based on Weird Al’s songs
Role: Lead UX Designer

Mobile App – Designing a game to improve financial literacy.
Role: UX Designer

Visual Design Work

Visual Design – Random visual design projects I liked

Graphic Design– Creating a logo for site and merchandise.
Role: Visual Designer

Visual Design – Creating graphics for a new social dance in Seattle
Role: Visual Designer

Graphic Design– Creating a graphic for site and merchandise.
Role: Visual Designer