UX/UI Designer

High Fidelity Fusion

The Goal: To create a high quality, intentional event.

The Problem:
The social dance scene in Seattle needs an event lead by integrity, passion, and professionalism. 

The Solution:
High Fidelity Fusion is an event that has strong marketing, branding, and a high attention to detail.  

High Fidelity Fusion – User interviews, building navigation, creating style guide and visual design. Graphic design for multiple digital mediums, print, and merchandise.

Tasked with creating an eye-popping branding package for High Fidelity Fusion that embraced Hi-Fi’s values and goals, building out a website on Squarespace, and assisting with the creation of merchandise. Images included large printed banners, sandwich boards, flyers, stickers, a Facebook frame, and more.


UX/UI designer

Sketch, Squarespace

Over 10 individual designs seen in physical form by over 500 people, digitally by countless!

View the website here: https://www.highfidelityfusion.com/


The Process:

Eliza, the director of marketing, had very high expectations of the brand image for the event. In 2019, we had social media frames, multiple sizes of the main design, flyers, stickers, and banners. 

The Event:

The brand colors had a major effect on the lighting and mood of the event. Below are a few photos taken over the weekend, feel free to visit https://www.highfidelityfusion.com/ for more!

The Facebook Frames:

The Flyer front:

And back

The Banner:

The banner's design

The year that was not

202 branding – 

We wanted to keep elements of or previous design for both brand consistency, and the practical element that we had unsold merch from 2019. Below are the artifacts I created for 2020!